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Birthday Parties

We love to host birthday parties at Millers Ice Creamery, Cowaramup, it’s the natural place for kids to play, and connect with nature.


How Do You Host a Party at Our Ice Creamery?

Bookings Essential

We're a private venue and we don't charge an entry/venue hire fee, but in return we ask you to please purchase your coffees, ice cream and drinks from us. We also ask you to please:

  • Tidy up your area when you finish.

  • BYO party food/fruit platters & order drinks, coffees and ice cream from our Ice Creamery.

  • BYO outdoor games, balls, frisbees, quoits, giant Jenga.

Please note that dogs, smoking, alcohol, gazebos/tents/marquees, pony rides, bbq's, bouncy castles, balloons, piñata, streamers or poppers are not permitted at our venue. Blowing bubbles are great, so is bunting!

We are an outdoor venue. We don't have facilities to host your party indoors if the weather is unkind.


Party Times

Bookings essential!

Bookings are for a 2 hour period as our venue is a popular choice for birthday parties.

Earliest Party Start: 10:15am

10am is the earliest time you can set up. Earlier access is not possible.

Latest Finish: 4:15pm
This allows time to pack away and clean up as our venue closes at 4.30pm.


So we can roster staff, please:

  • Book at least 4 days prior to your party date

  • Cancel at least 24 hours prior

Party Bookings / Enquiries

About the Ice Cream!

Kids love to come in and choose their own ice cream flavours! We offer a variety of ice cream sizes, but Mini Moos are a great size for the kids, especially after party food! Mini Moos are available in a cup or cone (cups are less messy!).

Sorry, but we don’t do ice cream cakes, they’re a bit too melty!

DIY Vouchers

  • Vouchers are an easy way to pay for groups. You create a "voucher" for the kids to bring in and choose their flavour in a cup/cone.

  •  At the end of the party, we tally-up the number of vouchers presented and you pay the total…easy!  We will need to hold your credit card as security for this tab system.

  • Get creative with your voucher- make little ice cream badge/stick to pin on the kids.

  • Adult vouchers for coffee/tea/ice creams are also a good idea if you're treating adult guests too.


A few rules to keep everyone happy and safe!

  • No Alcohol! We’re a family venue.

  • No Dogs! Leave pooch home no matter how small or cute.

  • No tents/marquees/gazebos, bouncy castles, pony rides, BBQ’s etc (public liability issues).

  • No streamers, piñata, party poppers & balloons (they’re messy & a choking hazard for small children) blowing bubbles are a fun alternative!

  • Parents & guardians are responsible for your children’s actions.

  • Children need constant supervision when playing.

  • Please tidy-up when you are finished.

  • Please leave by 4:30pm, our closing time.

  • We’re a smoke-free venue, so please, no smoking.

  • We don't reserve tables or "spots", it's simply first come, first choice


  • We accept EFTPOS (with swipe chip only), MasterCard, Visa and Cash.

Hints for Hosting an Outdoor Party

Organising a party outdoors requires extra thought. Here are some items you may wish to pack:

  • cups / plates / knife

  • sunscreen / hats / bandaids

  • rugs / games

  • wet wipes / paper towel

  • scissors / sticky tape / blue tack

  • insect repellent

  • birthday candles / lighter

  • bin bags

  • homemade ice cream vouchers 

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