Our Footprint

Solar Panels

In December 2018 we invested in solar panels for our Ice Creamery and Factory. As a result we've halved our energy consumption off the grid! We are now cash flow positive and expect to have the system paid for inside of 3.5 years. This is great news for a business that relies heavily on refrigeration!

Fully Compostable 

Our ice cream cups, shake and coffee cups, lids, straws, trays, spoons, knives, forks and napkins are all compostable.

We provide compost bins at both outlets.

Of course ice cream in a cone is fully digestible and our most environmentally friendly serving option :)

Choc Bomb Packaging

The latest innovation in disposable compostable food packaging made from cellulose sourced from FSC forests. NatureFlex produce bags are an excellent eco-friendly packaging alternative made from 100% sustainable materials!

Responsible Cafe

We joined the Responsible Cafe club when they first started. Our customers who BYO mug get 50c off their coffee.