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Pop Up Shop - season over


I wish to thank all my family, friends and staff for supporting my venture, for attending the launch of my little dream shop on 13 November 2019 and for all the customers sales throughout summer.


My pop up shop's season has now ended and the doors are now closed...but not for long!  Some stock is available from the Ice Creamery and I will be moving into online sales  in the near future.


The good news is that this space is coming up for rent soon!

For those who don't know the story...

...our Milking Shed sat dormant once we stopped our live milking shows, so I decided to steal a section of the shed and transform it into a retail space for my pop up shop, Farmhouse Wares over summer.


To kit out the shop I scoured the farm and workshops and salvaged old relics that Paul then cleverly up-cycled into unique display stands and shelves to hold all the wares.

The Farmhouse Wares pop up shop in Millers Milking Shed is now closed.  This space will be available for rent soon.


Farmhouse Wares are now inhabit a space in the Ice Creamery!

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