How is the Ice Cream Made?

In January 2020 we stopped dairy farming so our story has changed a little....

1. Get Out Of Bed!

I'm no longer a dairy farmer, but the alarm still roars daily around 5am, I still keenly spring out of bed, pull on my work clothes & boots, but I no longer hop onto my trusty motorbike to herd the girls (cows) from the paddock to the dairy...b

2. Cows

We had a dairy herd (150 girls) of Holstein Friesians. Most dairy cows in the Southwest are also Holstein Friesian. Each cow provides about 25-35 litres of creamy milk daily. I still love their markings…not one ever the same! Dairy herds are machine milked twice daily (approx 5am & 3pm).

3. Milking & Pasteurising

Milk straight from a cow is warm & needs to be cooled in a refrigerated vat before storage. Australian milk must be pasteurised, the process where milk is gently heated, under strict temperature control, to ensure the absence of pathogens.

4. Bottling

Milk bottles are filled daily by hand & delivered directly to local outlets. Our milk is 100% fresh, unhomogenised, whole milk (nothing added & nothing taken out), so after a day or so, thick cream rises to the top, just like in the old days!

5. Ice Cream

I mix pasteurised milk with a variety of delicious, natural ingredients before it’s chilled & aerated. I apply some nifty handiwork, to give our ice cream its irresistible appearance. Before long it’s deep frozen & transported up the road to our Ice Creamery display cabinet & outlets.