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The Ice Cream Evolution


I Had An Obsession

I’m Paul Miller and I’ve had an obsession since I was young…it involves ice cream. Just ask my parents, they will attest that I could eat my body weight in ice cream, I love the stuff and can’t get enough.


I Had A Plan

As I grew, so did my obsession. I had to figure a way to satisfy my desire. So I hatched a plan to make my own ice cream…I just needed milk. Being a 3rd generation dairy farmer, I realised milk wasn’t an issue…and fortunately I was well-positioned to make my plan a reality.


I Had Accomplices

With only a little pressure applied to my wife Trish (the driving force), and 2 young sons Mitch & Jesse (official ice cream tasters) we bravely set out on an adventure…to produce handmade ice cream, from our fresh, full cream milk, right here on our farm in Cowaramup, near Margaret River.


Our cows (the girls) were in on the plan, and willingly supplied the key ingredient, whole milk.

Vanilla Ice Cream.jpg

We Have Ice Cream

After months of planning, hard work, concocting recipes and a great deal of ice cream consumption Millers Ice Creamery was born on 27 December 2010. We flung open the Ice Creamery doors and started scooping ice cream…and haven’t stopped since!

Funnily enough, we discovered that other people share our ice cream obsession and come regularly for a cup, cone or takeaway tub. People say Millers Ice Cream…really takes some licking…and from one ice cream lover to another…I agree (and I still have an obsession!)


Mooving Along

Since we opened the Ice Creamery in 2010 on our Cowaramup farm, our business has been mooving along nicely! Our ice cream is available from other stockists and venues in WA.


The Cows Have Gone

In February 2020 we started a new chapter and ceased dairy farming after nearly 90 years. We still make ice cream from 100% Southwest full cream milk and support the dairy industry. We now have more time available to grow our ice cream business and share our love of ice cream way beyond the farm gate!

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