So…what’s your flavour?

Take a moment to consider our flavours…
…but for the real deal you need to taste them for yourself!

g = Contains Gluten, e = Contains Egg, a = Contains Alcohol)

Ice Cream

( Bold = award winner)

Apple Pie (g) Cookies & Cream (g, e) Panna Cotta (e)
Banana Choc Chip Cowtown Coffee Passionately Fruity
Black Forest Custard & Strawberry (e) Pina Colada
Caramello (e) Honeycomb Rum & Raisin (a)
Chocolate Lemon & Ginger Salted Caramel (e)
Choc Brownie (e, g) Lime & Coconut Strawberry
Chocolate Chip Mango & Coconut Vanilla
Choc Orange Mascarpone & Wild Fig Vanilla Choc Chip
Coconut Chocolate Mint Choc Chip  Wild Berries
Coffee & Ginger Neopolitan

 Sorbet (dairy + gluten free)

Blood Orange        Lemon      Mandarin     Tropical