So…what’s your flavour?

Take a moment to consider our flavours…
…but for the real deal you need to taste them for yourself!

g = Contains Gluten, e = Contains Egg, a = Contains Alcohol)

Ice Cream

( Bold = award winner)

Apple Pie Cowtown Coffee Rum & Raisin (a)
Banoffee Honeycomb Salted Caramel (e)
Banana Choc Chip Lime & Coconut Strawberry
Caramello (e) Mango & Coconut Strawberry Cheesecake (g)
Chocolate Mascarpone & Wild Fig Tiramisu
Choc Brownie (e, g) Mint Choc Chip Vanilla
Chocolate Choc Chip Neopolitan Vanilla Choc Chip
Choc Orange Panna Cotta (e) Vanilla Sprinkles
Coconut Chocolate Passionately Fruity Wild Berries
Cookies & Cream (g, e) Pina Colada

 Sorbet (dairy + gluten free)

Blood Orange     Dark Chocolate     Lemon      Mandarin     Tropical