Introducing “Dossy” – Our Scooping Cart

She’s a quite a girl…our Dossy!

Dossy – she’s a little bit vintage, full of flavour and loves a party! Dossy is my Mum and our ice cream cart is named in her honour.

Our girl Dossy loves to attend weddings, birthdays, soirees and cultural events within the stunning Cape-to-Cape Region—Dossy makes the party!

Understandably, Dossy is in demand and highly popular with patrons as she can offer up to 7 delicious ice cream flavours (17 to choose from)—with gluten, dairy and egg free options available.

And yes indeedy, our Dossy is super-organised and comes fully prepared with cups, cones, spoons, napkins, pretty signage, lighting and everything ice cream!  Our hire package includes everything you need—prices available on request.

Please note: Dossy is an old-fashioned gal and requires an escort, she won’t be let out on her own unsupervised.

Interested in Hiring Dossy?

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Remember…it’s no fun without Dossy, so book early to avoid disappointment!

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