Live Milking Shows!

Live milking shows

Ever since we opened the Farm Cafe 5 years ago, visitors have repeatedly asked to see a cow being milked.  Well, as of Sunday 27 December 2015 live milking shows commence!

We’re running shows at 11am daily through the school holidays, and to tour groups by appointment.

The Milking Shed, just across the car park from the Cafe, offers visitors the chance to see a cow being milked by hand, and by machine. We also have calves in on the action too. They will be bottle fed and visitors can get up close and personal and pat the mini moos!

Fresh milk tastings will be available for those who visit the Milking Shed. Milk must pasteurised before consumption, but what we offer is the closest thing to super creamy, farm fresh milk that is legally permissible in Australia.

Tickets for the Live Milking Shows in the Milking Shed are available from the Farm Cafe only. Shows will be held at 11am daily through the school holidays, so be sure to come out and grab some live cow action!