Your Questions Answered!

At the Farm Cafe, visitors ask lots of questions about farming, cows, milk, ice cream and more…so here’s some answers to the popular questions asked.

Q. What does homogenised mean?

A. The process that stops the cream from separating from the rest of the milk.

Q. How much milk does a cow produce per day?

A. On average, 25 litres a day.

Q. What is pasteurisation?

A. A heat process to destroy any bacteria present in milk, all Australian drinking milk must be pasteurised.

Q. What breed of cow do Millers farm?

A. Holstein Friesians.

Q. What is the fat content of Millers milk?

A. About 4%…(that’s 96% fat free!)

Q. How long does it take for a newly born calf to stand?

A. Within 30 minutes of being born.

Q. How long is a cow’s pregnancy?

A. Approx 283 days.

Q. What age do cows usually live to?

A. Around 15 years old.

Q. How heavy is a mature cow?

A. About 650kg

Q. How many times a day do you milk your cows?

A. Twice, at 5.30am and 3.00pm daily.

Q. Who put the cow in Cowaramup?

A. If you find out…please tell us!